O Gauge Modelling on the GWR

A personal Journey

Hornby Clockwork Railway

Its not as we knew it Jim or at least that's what I'm finding out again. The mid 1950s was a time when I experienced my first model railway. (I actually remember getting an electric London underground set running on three rail about the same time but what make this was I do not recall, and to add insult to injury it didn't last long). So for now its clockwork Hornby at its best and this is what I have so far:-

Plus some points, straights and connectors. A couple of the straights have stops in them, (and reversers?).

There will be some more extras on their way:

2 petrol tanks

a level crossing and a couple of buffer stops.

a couple of coaches

A second loco without tender this time for goods work.

Two more coaches.

The loco above came without a key but i now have a spare one.


Bit of a disaster 3 rail but fits 2 rail ok. Also extra curves to complete another loop or whatever, (this time two rail!).

Quarter rails, important if using points etc

Plenty of track now in my possession. Its now time to concentrate on the refinements, like signals, stations and a turntable. Guess what? here they are. Had to make a repair to one of the signals, (no ladder, paint peeling of the post, and the turntable had a broken link to one of the rails, but this was made up out of tinplate from the bottom of a birds custard powder tin).

Ah, you can't see the ladders but the one on the right is the renovated one. The one on the left is original.

 These two stations are not in great shape but are complete.


The turntable is now complete and fully working. Most of the rail links were distorted and have been reshaped to fit properly and one link has been re-soldered - but which one?

The turntable is complete with its original box, as is one of the signals.

Now down to basics. Is there enough track to get from the lounge to the kitchen?

Are there enough open trucks to carry such things as mince pies, small glasses containing a warming fluid, (similar fluids are available - that's BBC talk), and other delicacies?

Answer-looks like there is only 2 at present.

OK. so the cattle wagon has arrived. Missing a part of one coupling, but I've rectified that.

Two open trucks are also on their way, here they are:

Together with a water tower, (not sure why though as they aren't live steam!)

And finally two sets of curved rails to make sure there are enough options for building that railway from the front room into the kitchen, (not permanent you understand!).

As there is so much to go wrong with a railway like this another acquisition was necessary:-

Back in the 50s

started my collection thanks to eBay