My O Gauge Journal on
 Modelling the GWR

A personal Journey



To give easy access to major projects I have listed them under the following headings: (click on each heading)

Buildings Lineside
Carriages Locomotives
Control Scenery
Couplings Signals
Electrics Wagons
Hornby 3 rail Gauge 1
Dismantling the railway New Railway

Also as the years role by I have divided up each year into its own page so that it looks more like a diary. All the links and images are still there but its easier to trawl through items instead of one great long page.

Project page for the year:-

My Hornby Dublo collection has been resurected and given a central place in the railway room.

Moved into the new railway room and started to rebuild the railway. A new improved plan

Building the Gauge 1 railway in a temporary confined space.

2019 O gauge Mogul, Starting Radio Control, O gauge workmen, Gauge 1 buildings,

2018 Station lamps, station canopy, Gunpowder wagons, Austin car, Travelling van, Gunpowder building, siding lights, Garage oil dispenser, points, ground signal levers, water tower, Laser cut engine shed, CRT Pannier, signal boxes, brake down crane match truck.

2017 bells, signals, Cobalt levers, Peckett dock tank, Dads Army, Control boards for signalling system, lining a loco

2016 Loco lining, Hornby Dublo, Castle Class Loco, HD Horse box, ZTC controller upgrades, Hornby Dublo Locos, Preiser people

2015 people in coaches, coal mine, Wagon tippler control, smoke generator for gas works, Kaydee couplers, Slip coach, Granary store, timetabling.

2014 Signalling the railway, TPO coach, Police van, Station waiting rooms, Hornby integration of signals and points, Station project,

2013 cattle dock, people painting, Iron cattle van, Hydra, Milk van, coal hopper, ballasting mainline, JMRI software, extra bay platform,0-6-0 diesel, match truck, Garage and Forge buildings, Scammel truck, Loco hoist, purple bob buildings.

2012 Hornby |Dublo loco collection, 0-6-2 Tank, HMRS transfers, barrels, brewery trucks, County Loco, fire engine and tanker, gas works, creamery building

2011 relaying track, naming stations, steam new halt, steam railmotor project

2010 City of Truro loco, coaling stage, ballasting, footbridge, scenery work, electrics