My O Gauge Journal on
 Modelling the GWR

A personal Journey

Projects for the year 2013

December 2013

The cattle dock I ordered at Reading made an appearance yesterday so I've ordered a platform plinth for it as its a double one it will need strengthening. Then the vertical posts need to be cut and the horizontals to the gates also. Click Here to see how that progresses.

There are quite a few folk on the railway that have needed painting. One of those get round tuit jobs. Well I'm pleased to report that 99% of the existing folk have now been seen to:

3 geese arrived in my Advent calendar and are now with Mary and her chucks. A Fordson, Low loader, Presflo now join the ranks of the unmade and await construction. Found another Poundsbury wagon on a resellers stall and grabbed it for my coalmine, (its a Slaters discontinued product). Also bought some 'I aven't got any' from Invertrain and Skytrex and have plans for a large canopy built using lime strip wood from Westbourne Model Co ltd See the January notes above

November 2013

Iron cattle van is finished and an industrial transformer was also been finished from Duncan Models. Carried out some improvements to the 00 gauge layout as well, (see index page for links and info).

October 2013

Started the WEP Iron cattle van, its a riveters delight!

Built the Hydra - documented in the modelling kits section.

Built the LMS Milk wagon, (see the modelling kits section) - now completed and painted with some revisions.

September 2013

Completed the third coal hopper for the coke works

August 2013

Completed ballasting the mainline.

Installed and set up JMRI software and bought in a PC adapter for the ZTC 505 base controller. Downloaded the WiThrottle app for the itouch. It can control all my locos wirelessly. But it is limited in how it communicates with the DCC chips, (can't programme with it unfortunately and had to guess which chips my locos had in them as the program couldn't read them.. My handheld controller is still with ZTC. Click here to see how this was accomplished.

Completed building one of two LMS coal hoppers for the coke works.

Attended Southwold model railway exhibition and have some interesting info on JMRI and wireless control. (see home page). Also have a milk van from Connoisseur Models.

Created another new siding for an engine shed at longhampton bridge station, (see June entry below).

Moved email address to my web host as BT are insisting i now pay for my talk21 email address which has been free for a long long time. No thanks!

July 2013

Purchased two coal hoppers from EMKDE. Brass fretted models and will make a start on them to add to the stock in the coke factory. - ongoing.

June 2013

Alterations to Longhampton bridge Station

I've decided to cater for the increased volume of traffic into the station by creating an extra bay. Click here to see it transform.

Moved Web hosting

After trying to get Talktalk my web host increase my allocation from 250Mb to something more realistic which was inherited by them when they purchased Pipex, (as they now only offer 15Mb - yes really!), I have gone with another provider and within 24hrs we are up and running again with mega amounts of room!!

May 2013

Attended the Reading show and came away with a Ruston Diesel Electric 0-6-0 and a 6 ton hand crane truck. Both will be started in the coming weeks. The Diesel will find a home at the tar and coke works and is one from Mercian Models. The Crane Truck is from Meteor models.   

Click here to see how the diesel progresses

April 2013

Started the garage and forge buildings. Space is a premium here so compromise is the name of the game. Click here to see how it progresses.

Started a Scammell 3 ton mechanical horse. Off the shelf at last after a 2 years wait. This S & D model like all their others goes together easily and is a joy to have on your layout. Once this is completed I will add the scammell trailer that goes with it.

And here is the finished article:

March 2013

Purchased a further range of the Purple Bob kits to complete the high street and another street on the layout. The weather continues to restrict the amount of time spent on the railway. So these houses may not be completed for a while.

February 2013

A loco hoist and workshops have been started behind the large engine shed, (click here for details). I have plans to start a garage and forge that will be placed behind the station at Farringbourne Hill facing the coal mine. Hornby O gauge clockwork stuff has all but gone now thanks to eBay.

January 2013

Came across Purple Bob buildings these really are excellent and started a row of terraced houses and a cinema. Click here for more details. Still very cold and snowy outside limits work on the railway.