O Gauge Modelling on the GWR

A personal Journey

Improvements to the locomotive facilities at Wallington park

Designing a loco hoist.

As it happens the Great Western Railway Journal has an item this quarter relating to the Worcester railway works. There are several photos of the loco hoist that was used there. as it was restricted in space and operation it will suit my layout. I don't think i will be able to have a traverser though due to my limited space behind the engine shed.

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The projected site:

Initial drawing from the article.

The two sidings will be shortened as necessary and an additional shed built and erected just behind the current two road engine shed. From the turntable to the hoist there needs to be enough length to allow a loco, (minus tender of course), to be lifted with the view to removing pony trucks and driving wheels.

Using the drawing as a template, I had it on top of some plasboard so that i could use pins to secure each piece in place prior to gluing it. This worked well and the structure is shown in the above image. I now need to create a double hook and pulley system for it and then paint an weather it. I used evergreen stripstyrene I-beam #279, #277 available from Cheshire Model Supplies Ltd who have extensive stocks.

The hoist has now been given a first coat of grey primer and the hook i have bade from brass wire shaped and then in filled with solder to create the correct shape of hook. The chain will be a dummy setup with the hook set at an appropriate height to put a lifted loco in.

Having considered a few alternatives for the loco workshop i finally came down on another engine shed from Invertrain. This is the two road model with no doors. It will fit with the other buildings in the vicinity. An extra line from the turntable is also required as seen below.

Having electrified the lines and painted in the dark ash, The competed workshop can now be sited along with the hoist.

Loco hoist

Loco repair shop

 alteration to back sidings on the other side of the turntable