O Gauge Modelling on the GWR

A personal Journey

Kit building in o gauge

Here is a list of the kits I've yet to build. As I start them and as they progress each heading will become live and connect to a  section of the website that details what occurs from start to finish.

Connoisseur Models Midland Railway Milk Van Dia 416

I purchased this at the Southwold Model railway exhibition in 2013

Meteor Models 5 ton Hand crane truck

Also purchased at the Southwold model railway exhibition this year.

Connoisseur Models GWR Hydra

A fitted wagon for carrying road vehicles or heavy machinery.


WEP models GWR Iron Cattle wagon

Another brass and white metal kit I've had for some time.


Duncan Models Industrial type transformer

Bought at Southwold for use on a low loader wagon.


Milk churn Stage from Invertrain

A surprise purchase I'd forgotten all about, but never the less important!

Duncan Models Fordson tractor

Purchased at the reading Show 2013 as an item for the GWR Hydra i made earlier this year

Skytrex Double GWR cattle pens

Ordered at the reading show 2013 and posted afterward.

Engine coaling stage from Invertrain

I've had this a couple of years now.

Ford Model T bus from Duncan models

In the to do cupboard for three years

Coal office from Invertrain

ditto as above

Slaters BR 12 Ton Standard Van

Slaters GWR Cattle wagon

Parkside Dundas GWR 13 ton open goods wagon

Parkside Dundas GWR Mica insulated Goods Van

Parkside Dundas GWR 12/13 ton open wagon

all the above are several years old and in the to do cupboard

A couple of dozen signal kits from Scale Signal Supply that includes GROUND and POST Signals of various sorts.

I take one out occasionally, look at, it see all the tiny bits and pieces and put it back in the cupboard for tomorrow!

Illuminated wall lamps from Langley Models

Illuminated Station lamps from langley models

Both of the above have been lurking in a box for some time. I have a dozen or so of each.

EMDKEs 21 Ton coal hopper

Come on, I've made three of these babies already!

WEP Models twin tank Cordon

Did make a start on this but it has been stalled.

Fourtrack Models GWR horse boxes, (2 of them)

Still in the box for a couple of years in that cupboard

Peter K GWR footbridge Kit - minus roof

Made one some time ago with a roof and this one has a home when completed.

Connoisseur Models GWR Loriot M

Purchased from the reading show Dec 2013

EMKDE Presflo hopper

also from the reading show above

Warren Shephard Castle Class locomotive

purchased at Telford 1014

Pecket 0-6-0 dock tank

purchased at Telford 2014

Duncan Models steam traction engine and living van

purchased from Southwold Model Rail Exhibition


Each title links to a new page detailing its construction