O Gauge Modelling on the GWR

A personal Journey

Industrial type transformer

This is one of Duncan models kits and I'm building it to rest on one of my low loader wagons.

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This is what you start with.

A set of instructions with an exploded view of the model on the reverse side. 16 whitemetal pieces that make up the main body of the transformer, (incidentally wrapped in slightly scented tissue - not sure about that!), a bag of bits including wheels valves etc and all fitting into a neat plastic box. Price £15.

First job is to paint all the pieces with an undercoat then a top coat of grey. To aid adhesion i scratched away areas where the piping will be glued in place as shown here.

The pieces are now all glued onto their respective sides like so:-

A little fettling is needed to set the valves correctly in place between the tubes.

Here the four sides are now ready to be glued together.

I soldered the sides together in two halves and then soldered these two sections together to form the four sides ready for the ;lid' to be fitted. I removed the corners of the recessed top to allow it to fit snugly and then soldered it in place. finaly painting the remaining isolators red.