O Gauge Modelling on the GWR

A personal Journey

Garage and forge against Farringbourne Hill Station

With limited road and building space i wanted to create a small diorama to finish off what was a questionable area. For this exercise I chose to use  two buildings from Invertrain, both cut down and rescoped for the purpose.

Here is the current space available: (click pictures for a larger view).

Some realignment of the road and scenery will be necessary to accommodate the buildings but more on that when the kits arrive.

Well arrive they did the next day and here is a mock up of where they might go. I've already had to rethink the depth of each building. One came with two partitions per side instead of the ordinary three but i will have to reduce that down to one.

The sheds have been epoxy glued and given an under coat of freight grey.

This is followed by two coats of Dark Brick


Here are the two buildings in finished state with a blacksmith at work as well.

Invertrain Buildings