My O Gauge Journal on
 Modelling the GWR

A personal Journey

Projects for the year 2020

December 2020
The new home for the railway is almost complete. its been just over a year. The build history is here: The new room is 13' 7" wide and 21'11" long

November 2020
During the rebuilding of the railway its a good time to rethink the communications setups. Previously I had used separate enclosure boxes to make a signal box setup to connect the four areas of the railway. In the new railway layout there will only be three areas and the parts will be brought together. Here is a rough put together of what I intend to do: Click on it for a larger version.

And this is what I have resculptured using two enclosure boxes.

A blanking plate now separates the two sets of indicators, and a track indicator diagram will go there with LEDs to show the path currently selected. The push buttons to work the bells on similar boxes have been moved down onto the section holding the point levers.

October 2020

It has been suggested that I swap the railway idea for RC boats instead!

Work on the new shed continues. The weather does impact on progress but we are making good progress.

September 2020
Slow progress on the new build for the railway. But the large garden shed has now been moved and the garage demolished and removed from the site. The plans show a double bay cart lodge with the large railway room at the rear.

The site is now ready for the build to begin in the next coup0le of weeks.

August 2020
PECO O gauge track not readily available at the moment as are the Cobalt-S switches.

July 2020
Its juggling time for the O gauge kit in readiness for their new home. In the mean time some building of PO trucks has taken place. 3 Poundsbury wagons from Slaters.

The Gauge 1 Pannier No4612 has been painted and transfers applied. Just waiting for the number polate etches to arrive to finish that part off. Also RC equipment is under development and will follow shortly. In the mean time,. I have added steam pipes down each side of the footplate and the requisite connectors. |Click here to see it.

June 2020
The Pannier is completed and arrived as requested plain undercoat, batteries but nothing else as I will finish it myself.

May 2020
Bradley Manor now under way. A couple of issues with the driving wheel on one side of the chassis resulting in a bust pin so new wheels had to be ordered. Click here to see its build.

April 2020
Strange times call for unprecedented measures. While still waiting for the Gauge 1 Pannier started building the O gauge manor loco in store for a couple of years from Warren Shepherd..

March 2020
Having solved the running issues of stock and locos, I can now move onto track fixing and point control. See the projects page for the latest information on gauge 1 and much more.

The gauge 1 project is still progressing slowly and currently being stuck in a 3 meter by 3.5 metre room has helped due to restriction of space. I have a track layout down now with Tenmille points and track specially made to create a tight 6 foot curve for the ‘L’ shaped plan I devised. I did away with the PECO track and point as it was what I would describe as a little light on scale. Once the track and points are fixed I will use DCC Concepts levers and point motors to electrify the turnouts of which there will be three. The signal kits will also be controlled by the same method as the points but servo controlled using Heathcote Electronics PCB boards.

I have had to utilise Kaydee couplings on all trucks and the ‘B’ set coach to avoid buffer lock. (used O gauge long couplings #746s), and they are unobtrusive and work well. The goods shed and station building etc though all need painting and weathering so there is still much to do. So how is the Pannier loco progressing, looking forward to finishing, powering and adding it to the stock? I have its etched number plates and transfers now as well.

February 2020

So called track issues - the old red herring
click here to see what I mean

I have asked Tenmille to make up track and turnouts for the Gauge 1 railway. While these are being produced i purchased a couple of signal kits from them and they are proceeding here.

January 2020
making a start on the gauge 1 railway. As it will be a temporary arrangement, the boards are bolted together and stretched across trestles. Possibly the best trestles around are made by Draper at about £25 each. Here are early pictures of the temporary situation.

Having made up two trestles I was impressed with how sturdy they were.

Little room for manoeuvre here!

 You can see the support given by the trestles in more detail here.


Temporary sidings

Outlining the work necessary for the new railway while building work is completed.