My O Gauge Journal on
 Modelling the GWR

A personal Journey

Projects for the year 2011

April 2011: Station Throat Issue:

Due to electrical faults in one of the points just outside the station it had to be lifted and re-laid. This caused alignment problems and as it is a busy part of the layout the decision was made to replace one point and rebed everything. Click here to see how this was achieved.

May 2011: As an addition to the scenery I have been creating I

Decided to add on another section based on a photograph in the Somerset and Dorset in the fifties book by I Peters, (illustration 96). Click here to see how I developed this addition and the effect it has had on that part of my layout.

April 2011: Finally got around to naming the stations. I will be revamping the map below with names as much has changed since the planning stage. As this is a fictitious layout the main station is now called Wallington park, this connects with Faringbourne Hill on one side of the mountain divider and Staverford Halt on the other. The line then comes into Longhampton bridge where it ends at present!

July 2011: Wallington Park has now applied for planning to expand its sidings. This will necessitate the acquisition of a new piece of land and a change of pointwork. Click here to see how this progresses. There has been a request to add a new halt down the single line that leads to sidings and the engine shed at Longhampton Bridge. As this will occupy land already owned by the GWR a platform has been constructed and access by the public is via a walk way across the line is provided. It will be known as Longhampton Halt. Click here to see how this progresses.

If you click on different parts of the map above you will be able to see how each part of the layout has progressed, (currently revising the map and using a new program to compile it called Anyrail - not a free program but excellent), click here to see an example map compiled using it..

November 2011: The steam railmotor is completed and runs as a DC driven vehicle ok. Am now converting to DCC and sound, (see right for details). The creamery has been completed all but the roof. Lighting and internal details have been created and added. The track is ballasted and filled in and people are beginning to populate this area, (see right for more details).