O Gauge Modelling on the GWR

A personal Journey

Gas Works design

On this page are a number of items for developing the idea of a gas works. I'm indebted to Dr Russell Thomas for allowing me to reproduce his models and flow diagram here, he may be contacted at:  thomasru@pbworld.com Each model has his contact details attached and easy to follow instructions. I would suggest that all lines are scribed before folding as these models are very accurate.

First my sketch
As this will take up a corner site behind the halt there is not much room and so the items will have to be close together. What they actually look like at the moment.

Click any of the models below to download a PDF version that you can make.

This flow diagram has all the info contained in it for anyone considering making a model

This is the small one made up. Looks as though it might be 'N' gauge.


Access to four models of varying sizes and types of gas works