O Gauge Modelling on the GWR

A personal Journey

Moving the engine shed from Longhamton Bridge Halt to the far end of the station platform.

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This development will require a new section of track accessed by a 'Y' point.

The shopping list to make it happen is as follows:

1 Peco PL-10 Point Motor (Switch Machine)

1 Peco PL-15 Twin Microswitch

1 Peco PL-26Y Passing Contact Switch - Yellow Lever

1 Peco PL-51 Turnout switch module add-on

1 Peco SL-740BH Buffer Stop, rail built type

1 Peco SL-E797BH Y Point with bullhead rail and electrofrog

2 LEDs for the panel

2 mounting collars for the LEDS

I have enough track to finish the job

wire to connect the point to the CDU via one microswitch and the passing contact switch, the other microswitch to activate the LEDs correctly in the control panel.

The engine shed is positioned to see how the track will turnout. I have ordered a 'Y' point as the access is on the 'squew' as shown above. As this area is not yet ballasted it is easy to make the adjustments and alterations.

The far end of the sidings mostly have buffer stops but one is required for the mainline terminus

The 'Y' point is now in place the micro switches in place

Wired up with extra connections to the inside of the siding and the engine shed section.

A buffer stop at the end of the line and buildings replaced to finish off. All that is now required is wiring to the control panel. As luck would have it, i am one LED holder short so some on order!

New Peco Electrofrog points