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A personal Journey

Hornby Dublo 3 Rail Rolling Stock Gallery

I am putting all the engines, coaches and trucks I have collected in here. Complete with any useful information and notes I think pertinent. Click any image to see a larger version.


The breakdown crane set. Put together for use on 2 or 3 rail. This is an early example in matt finish and metal couplings. As a 2 rail set it would have come with an 0-6-2 loco, packing van and suburban brake 3rd coach in a large box but I have managed to locate these extra bits and I have these on order. Here is the 2 rail version.


My first electric trainset included Duchess of montrose

My second trainset was the small goods set with an 0-6-2 loco

The final engine i was bought was the Co-Co diesel.

Since finding them again I have now collected more and here they are:

The 2-6-4 heavy goods loco

The 2-8-0 heavy goods locomotive

This is a bit of a cheat. Original chassis with a new body diesel.

Bristol Castle 4-6-0 or is it Windsor Castle??

Silver King 4-6-2

Sir Nigel Gresley 4-6-2

The Bo-Bo diesel locomotive

2 more 0-6-2 locomotives LNER and LMS

My collection of Dublo Dinky vehicles

This Bedford flat top with a new tractor as a load not the original Hornby one, but great value at 3 for £10! and such detail!!

This Austin truck had to be repainted as it was in such poor condition but as near original as possible.

This little pickup, again touched up as it was in poor condition.

Good old Ford Prefect. The first car I ever owned and drove for several years. The bottom half of mine was light blue as 90% of those panes were fibre glass hiding extensive rusting to the bottom of the doors and wings!  Reg: FPL 301  and sent to the scrap yard for £5 in the early seventies!

A further collection of trucks and tankers, some old, some newer super detail with the plastic couplings.

The latest diesel electric loco a CO-BO not an attractive loco but a workhorse


The list so far

Goods set

Mainline passenger set

Brakedown set


Dublo Dinky vehicles