My O Gauge Journal on
 Modelling the GWR

A personal Journey

Hornby Dublo 3 Rail

The new bits

You can find all the previous stuff about its design and scoping on this site by using the search facility at the top of this page. Here I will put just the new stuff.

This is the latest acquisition, Duchess of Athol and in pretty good nick. It came as part of a set with its box but the transformer was missing, not a problem as i have several in store! She's had a new magnet and horseshoe arms by the look of her. Paint has been applied to the piston chambers, (gloss), but other than that a good specimen and pulls really well.

Just when you think you have everything!

The only 4-6-2 that rewrote the history books Mallard to accompany my other one Silver King

A GWR 0-6-2 and quite rare numbered 6699

Another 0-6-2 this time a rather nice Southern loco numbered 2594


The bulk salt wagon also came along!

The layout track has also been altered to provide storage sidings in two places here is the updated plan showing the sidings

The top right sidings is to be controlled using a 3 junction signal and electric points set off using a rotary switch and push buttons. Click here to see how it progresses. 

The bottom left sidings to be controlled using a 5 junction signal and electric points setup using a rotary switch and push buttons. Click Here to see how it progresses.

I used 2 Wills engine shed kits tyo make this up with some alterations to the original design. It caters for 4 large locomotives.

Several new locos are on order and should be here soon!



4-6-2 Mallard central pickup needed adjusting otherwise still powerful. No box though.

0-6-2 Southern no box, original paintwork etc

0-6-2 GWR no box, original paintwork

0-6-2 LNER no box, original paintwork

0-6-2 LMS no box, original paintwork

co-co Diesel original paintwork

The 2 'L' 0-6-2s have had new magnets as the old ones become redundant over time. The paintwork on them is original, two great additions to my stock. The other 2 have their original magnets and still run fine I may replace them as a matter of course anyway in the future.

The co-co is a mighty engine. Runs well and has its original box. Some little boy, (or girl) though has scribbled on the box cover and inside in biro! - I never did that myself - really!